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What to do

Join and create an account at photo bucket.Create an album (in photo bucket) called studio at account with your initials in the name. ex vkstudio. Please up load one image that you have taken with your camera to that album
On your home wiki Page create a link to a new wiki page called Photoshop. Make sure your initials are in the name at the beginning. Ex VKillmorePhotoshop. In addition Copy and paste this rubric at the bottom of your Photoshop page, Please use the text editor.
Create a link on your main page(home) to a manual for your camera.As well as a link to your Photobucket Studio page as I did above.
Read The manual and familiarize your self with your camera. Meet with me by Wednesday and be prepared to answer the following questions regarding your camera.
  • How do I turn on/off my camera?
  • How do I add /remove my battery?
  • How do I install/ remove my SD Card?
  • How do I change image size/ quality?
  • How do I view images I have just taken?
  • How do I how do I delete images?
  • How do I transfer images to the computer?
Answer the Questions on the form below the rubric.
Complete assignment by 9/12/2012 by 11:59 PM.