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"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it"
~Ansel Adams~
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Photography Terms and Glossary

20 Things I Wish I Knew About Photographing in Manual Mode

Dan Carrillo: Daclotype from Patrick Richardson Wright on Vimeo.

Light is the primary working tool of the photographer

Camera manuals
Nikon D100
Nikon D40
Lens simulator helps select lens for your camera
Nikon - imaging.nikon.com
Canon - www.usa.canon.com

Questions For Mrs K

How to get your camera back if you lost it Idea!

History Of Photography

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How Photoshop blend modes work
Almira Blog
Class Vocabulary

Camera help


Photography Resources
What is Photography
Curves explained
Another curves tutorial
Digital photography school
A Tedious Explanation of the fstop
Fstop and exposure
Photography History
Teach me Photography
Camera Comparisons
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Africa Magnifica
Action central

21 Impressive Tree Images
Image resolution
Photos from character project
18 Portrait Photography tips
Wacom Tablet Tutorials
Photos Of the Year
Kodak picture of the day
George Eastman House
The Shot
Contact Press Images
Magnum Photo
lighting effects
HDR imaging Tutorial
Start creating great photos
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Camera raw Movie
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Assignments Fall 10

Assignment Twenty
Assignment Nineteen
Assignment Eighteen
Assignment Seventeen
Assignment Sixteen
Assignment Fifteen
Assignment Fourteen
Assignment Thirteen
Assignment Twelve
Assignment Eleven
Assignment Ten
Assignment Nine
Assignment Eight
Assignment Seven
Assignment Six
Assignment Five
Assignment Four
Assignment Three
Assignment two
Week one
Convert assignment page to a printable document

Advanced photo

****Advanced photo**** Assignment two

Weekly pod casts-some great info to add to your learning pleasure!
Assignments Spring 10
Final 10

Connected to Nature Assignment

Light Painting

Bird's eye / Ant's Eye View
Take a common object and elevating it to an art form

Self Portrait

Fall 09
Assignment 12 10

Assignment 12 10 half

Assignment 11 10

Assignment 10 09

Assignment 9 09

Assignment 8 09

Assignment 7 09

Assignment 6

Assignment Five

Assignment Four

Assignment Three

Assignment Two

Assignment One

Final 09

Assignment 23

Assignment 22

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Assignment 10

Assignment 9

Assignment 8

Assignment 6 and 7

Assignment Five 08
Assignment Four 08

Assignments for E Gauss
HDR tutorial

Week three
Composition 9/24 -28
Read this article Rule of thirds
Rule Of Thirds
Read this article Some Key Elements to Great Photography
Read this article Wild Life photography and compositions
Read this article Assignment 1
Due the 28th

Here is the curriculum for this class. Photo Hosting You will need an account on Flickr or Photo bucket and weekly post links for me to see your work.

Week 14
Week 12

Week 11

Week 8
Week Seven
Week six
Week Five
Week Four
Week Three
Week Two
Week One
Here is the curriculum for this class. Photo Hosting You will need an account on Flickr or Photo bucket and weekly post links for me to see your work.

Photo Of The Week

Courtney S
Tommy P
Lauren K
Carly H
Pauline D
Erich G
Jesus C
Emily S
Carly H
L Keyes
L Zawadzki
DSC00867.jpg picture by LZawadzki
DSC00867.jpg picture by LZawadzki

E Kirk
A Biggar

A Mariani


E Noonan


J Frey

Final Exam

Final Exam Part 2

**Week Seventeen**

Week Sixteen

Week Fifteen

Week Thirteen and Fourteen
Ant view Birdseye view assignment

Week Twelve
Assignment feeling trapped

Week Eleven
This is my life assignment

Week eight Week of November 5th-8th
Mid-term Open book exam

Week Seven Printing Week Of 10/22 - 10 26
Assignment 7
Printing Directions for the Epson 2200

Week six Portraits
Dorothea Lange
Assignment 6
Famous Portrait photographers
Annie Lebovitz
Phillipe Halsman
Diane Arbus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identical_Twins%2C_Roselle%2C_New_Jersey%2C_1967
Richard Avedon
Correcting a photo
adjusting tones
How to remove red Eye
Student self portraits

Week five Catch up week
Enter this competition
Assignment 5
Article to read File format

Week Four Light how it affects your work 10/1-5
Flash and lighting
Article to read The Golden Hour
Art Wolf photography
Art Wolf Photos
Assignment 2

Week two
Photoshop and printing
Tutorials on any part of Photoshop
Tutorials Photoshop
Read this Article file Type
Watch this tutorial on camera Raw

Week one Due Friday September 5th 2008

  1. Add to your website (Your pages) your camera manual read it and be ready to explain your camera functions by Friday September 5th during class time. You will meet with me.
  2. Click and read info below

Learn your Camera
This week we will learn about your camera. While every camera is different most digital cameras have similar features. Read this article on card capacity then fill out this sheet and meet with me by Friday to get a grade and the go ahead to start shooting.
Depth of Field
Digital Camera Basics

Here is the curriculum for this class. Photo Hosting You will need an account on Flickr or Photo bucket and weekly post links for me to see your work.

Week Fourteen
Space and balance
Achieving good informal balance is another composition rule leading to professional looking results.

Week Color and contrast The eye will always go to the lightest and brightest colors. Use contrast to identify your subject/purpose

Avoid mergers—plants sticking out of people's heads, telephone poles "rising" from shoulders, etc.

Lenses Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom

Week Advertising Photography
Photographing objects for advertising
Color and layout of typeface

Week Layer styles

Week Time lapse

Week Read this article Bracketing

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