This week we will be doing all things printing!
Here is what you will accomplish this week;
  1. Print and dry mount a image from this year.
  2. Select an image of yours and create a 3d print of it. Using this Customizer.
  3. Select one of the tutorials that we did over the past weeks and apply it to an image you have.
  4. Submit an image to Teen InkAn art and literary magazine for students takes art work, photography and writing

Printing and Dry Mounting

Print an image on photo paper and dry mount it
  1. Start by selecting an image for printing.
  2. Print image on good quality photo paper.
  3. Dry mount on either black or white board

3d print

Print an image of yours in 3d
  1. Start by selecting an image for printing.
  2. Using this Customizer convert your image to a 3d file
  3. Print on the 3d Printer

Creating an image with a Photoshop tutorial

  1. Select a tutorial you learned last week
  2. Apply it to a image you have taken this year
  3. Add it to the photo collage wiki page from last weeks assignment
  4. This will be your weekly critique image for this Friday