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Synopsis- Color spotting is when your photo is in black and white with an exception of a specific feature in color. By using color spotting it will make a certain object stand out in your photo.

Look through your images and select your best 10 images
Using google forms create a survey for your classmates so you can see what their top choices are I will help you with this process this week
Create a sub folder in Google docs called 10 best and then upload those 10 images to that folder If I can't get to this link you will lose 20 points
Create a page on your home wiki called 10 best . (with your initials in the name some where ex vkillmore 10 best)
In the order below create the following links and add the following files
  • Create links at the very top of the page to the photo home page, assignments page, your pages link, Camera manual page, and a link to your home page
  • Add a bar below these links
  • Below Bar create a link to your Google Folder called (10 best so I can grade your work).
  • Below that add your synopsis of the article as well as the link to the article
  • Below that add a link to your resource image page (you get to pick what type of images you want this week)
  • Then load your 10 best images to the 10 best page
All Images need to be edited in Photoshop be prepared to show me the original if I ask for it
  • Black and White and or color
  • Use Camera raw to edit images
  • Saved as jpeg and named 1st initial last name and 10 best and numbers 1 -30 Example (vkillmore10 best)
Create a reference file for your choice and add 10 images from internet that you like to that page. Please make sure the link from your reference page appears in your assignment page so I can grade it. and give a citation to the artist you took it, from including a link back to their page.

Read a photo on color spotting and write a short synopsis about the article.

Due Tuesday November 22nd 2016 at 11:59 PM