Mrs. Killmore

You can reach me at school any weekday from 7:30 to 3:30 at 696-6235

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Hi, I’m Mrs. Killmore I’ll be your teacher for the next 20 weeks. I’m looking forward to working with you! I have spent some time designing this course with you as the student in mind. This course will expand your knowledge of basic art skills and learn about digital art photography. As this class is an entry-level course. You need not have any previous art photography experience to be successful! If you come to class with a positive attitude and try and do the work you will be successful in this class.

Things you will accomplish in this class.

1. You will learn how to use a digital camera
2. You will learn how to manipulate the photos you take using Photoshop
3. You will be apply the basic principles of art such as color, line, shape, texture, and design
4. You will learn to use a photographers vocabulary
5. You will learn to defend and critique your work and work of fellow students.
6. You will learn how to create well crafted presentations and how they affect your designs
7. You will begin to learn the importance of a work ethic that will guide you as you prepare to move on in high school and beyond.

All these objectives will be accomplished a variety of assignments done in class over a 20-week period. Class meets 5 times a week.

Supplies: You will need a digital camera with at least 3 mega pixels ability. You may use a 35 mm camera but you will need to purchase your own film and processing. We can digitize the film once you have processed it. You will need to purchase your own photo paper.

Attendance: This is very important in this class as we do all work in the classroom. If you are sick you need to speak to me about making up your work. I do allow extra time if you have been ill for some time.

Late Projects: All projects must be handed in on time. Each day your project is late your grade drops 1 point. I feel it is important to prepare you for high school deadlines. If you find you are getting behind or are just unable to keep up, it is important you speak to me and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Grading: projects will be graded on the following
1. Based on Classroom participation
2. How you follow and solve the problem I give you.
3. Presentation and craftsmanship (is it clean, no stains, no rips)
4. Timely submission (if you hand it in on time)

Any students unhappy with a grade may redo the project on their own time, and I will average both grades for a new higher grade!

The course will be graded on the following:
1. 25% Classroom projects
2. 25% Classroom Participation
3. 25% classroom wiki
4. 15% Preparedness (that means bring your supplies to class everyday)
5. 10% Final
6. Extra credit (any art work you do on your own time)

You will find that I am very flexible and am easy to get along with if you follow simple rules. I can’t wait to get started!

Mrs. K