There are two important controls in Photography that affect the light which is what you photograph. The amount of time the light hits the photo sensor and size of the opening. Because we are working with cameras at all different capabilities some of you will have the ability to control both these settings and some of you will have no ability to control either. These two settings affect an image dramatically and must be discussed if I am to give you proper training in photography. This week we will discuss aperture in class and the assignment this week may need some adjustment for some of you who do not have the ability to control your camera. Please read over the requirements and begin the assignments this weekend.

Images and section below taken from http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/aperture/
The first picture below (click them to enlarge) on the left was taken with an aperture of f/22 and the second one was taken with an aperture of f/2.8. The difference is quite obvious. The f/22 picture has both the flower and the bud in focus and you’re able to make out the shape of the fence and leaves in the background.
The f/2.8 shot (2nd one) has the left flower in focus (or parts of it) but the depth of field is very shallow and the background is thrown out of focus and the bud to the right of the flower is also less in focus due to it being slightly further away from the camera when the shot was taken.

How a lens corresponds to a f stop


A Introuduction to Aperture
videos to watch


What to do


Create an album called aswf at http://photobucket.com with your initials in the name. ex vkaswf at photobucket
Create a page called week 4 on your personal wiki page and create a link to the new page. Make sure it is at the top of your personal home page. Create a link on this page (week4) to your photo bucket to your aswf page. Call the link insert your initials aswf(vkaswf).
Copy and paste this rubric at the bottom of your week4 wiki page.
5 different shots of the same image with different aperture settings Progressively getting smaller or larger. Please do 2 different sets for a total of 10 images. That means for every shot you need to change aperture settings this will happen 4 times per set, Important requirements. (alternative for students who cannot control this will be explained Wednesday)
  • Images should be B+W
  • 1 set of images and their aperture settings will be posted to your wiki and the other set will be posted to your Photobucket site,
  • Images should be no larger than 1mg
  • Please record the information for the changes on sheet supplied
  • Please use the aswfvk for numbering your shots ex aswfvk1, aswfvk2,aswfvk3
Complete assignment by Friday October 10 th, 2008.By 11:59 PM