Two parts to this project,

  1. You will need to finish assignment from last week plus prepare the assignment below.
This week you will be preparing an image to enter into a contest
  1. Portraits of learning. Please click on link and send image to contest.

  • Put a copy of the image you entered on a new page you will create in your wiki called week five ( wkfvk)
  • Please paste url of finished link to show me you have entered a piece on your week five page.
  • Please paste new rubric on week five page
School Phone 315-696-6235
School address Po Box 628 tully 13159
Teacher name Vieginia Killmore
Teacher E-mail
Teacher Day time phone 315 696-6235


What to do


Create an album called aswf at with your initials in the name. ex vkaswf at photobucket
Create a page called week 4 on your personal wiki page and create a link to the new page. Make sure it is at the top of your personal home page. Create a link on this page (week4) to your photo bucket to your aswf page. Call the link insert your initials aswf(vkaswf).
Copy and paste this rubric at the bottom of your week4 wiki page.
5 different shots of the same image with different aperture settings Progressively getting smaller or larger. Please do 2 different sets for a total of 10 images. That means for every shot you need to change aperture settings this will happen 4 times per set, Important requirements. (alternative for students who cannot control this will be explained Wednesday) external image msword.png Faux aperture settings.doc
  • Images should be B+W
  • 1 set of images and their aperture settings will be posted to your wiki and the other set will be posted to your Photobucket site,
  • Images should be no larger than 1mg
  • Please record the information for the changes on sheet supplied external image msword.png Aperture settings.doc
  • Please use the aswfvk for numbering your shots ex aswfvk1, aswfvk2,aswfvk3
Complete assignment by Friday October 10 th, 2008.By 11:59 PM
Follow directions above to enter contest