photo of the day contest

Photographing for E-bay or an on-line auction
It's all in the picture. When selling products how you capture your product is key. You want to show the good side of your product so that buyers are enticed to purchase or bid.
Look for interesting angles. Sometimes it's better to shoot from above or from a corner. Turn the product around. Imagine yourself handling it in a shop. Would you flip it over to see the label on the bottom? Then shoot that, too. Would you remove the top to look inside? Capture that.
Get an overview shot, but also focus on the little details.
Find ways to inject life into your product. Does it have a splash of color? Emphasize it. Get close up. Maybe shoot a corner of it. It is best to use multiple images for selling, so experiment. Just be sure you have at least one shot that is a clear, no-nonsense depiction of the item.