Using Quick Masks

Finshed assignment

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A montage is an image composed of elements brought together to form a seamless whole.
A montage is a picture that didn’t happen, but looks like it did.
If the PhotoShop artist has done a good job combining the elements, the result should look like a single photograph, no matter how fantastic the contents.
Canvas Construction 10 pts.
  1. Open the “city.jpg” file in your PhotoShop "cityscape" file computer graphics period 5 folder.
  2. In the Layers palette, rename the background layer “city”.
  3. Go to Image>Canvas Size.
  4. Make the canvas bigger by doubling the width. Leave the height the same.
  5. Select the middle left tile. This makes the canvas extend to the right.
  6. You should have the city on the left, with empty white canvas on the right. (if the background tile is white, black if the background tile is black)
  7. Make the other half of the city using the first, Select the city image. Copy and paste (which creates a new layer) move it to the left hand side.
  8. Flip the new layer to create the other half of the cityscape. (Edit -> transform->Horizontal)
  9. You have a mirror image. Use the Move tool to drag the new image into position.
  10. Select the original “city” layer, and skew the perspective (if needed)
  11. Use the rectangular marquee to select the left hand image
  12. Edit>Transform>Skew. Drag upper and lower left handles of the bounding box.
  13. Distort the flipped, right half the same way. Stretch it over the white canvas.
  14. Merge the 2 layers (Select the “city” layer, Layers>Merge>Visible)

Background and Streets 30 pts
Now we need to repair our cityscape’s sky and "streets"
  1. Using the Clone Stamp tool, clone the sky into the missing areas as well as the street.
  2. You may want to use vanishing point for the road
  3. Pick an appropriate Brush size and pattern.
  4. Try to achieve an even glow to the sky and not disturb the buildings.

Super girl Selection and Blur 40 pts.
Putting Super girl into our cityscape. Super girl has to be separated from her background and moved to the cityscape
  1. Open Super girl. Rename the background layer.
  2. First try the Magic Wand (adjust your Tolerance and Feather; use the Lasso if necessary.
  3. Now try a Quick Mask as it was demonstrated in class.
  4. This will give you a soft-edged selection. It makes super Girl look much better when she's against the background.
  5. Start by Setting the default foreground/background colors by clicking on the small black and white squares icon to the lower left of the current foreground/background colors icon.
  6. This will make the foreground color black and the background color white.
    Set the Quick Mask mode by clicking on the Quick Mask icon (or the letter Q)
  7. Drag your selected Super girl to the cityscape. Notice how she becomes her own layer automatically.
  8. Scale her to size.
  9. Create a copy of the layer super girl is on, and name it supergirl2 so you don’t get confused. Put this copy under the original layer.
  10. Filter>Blur>Motion Blur to give Super girl a “speed trail”. You are distorting and "smearing the copy of Super girl, and where it goes beyond the edge of the intact Super girl layer above, it gives that upper layer a speed trail.
Handing in the Assignment 20 pts
Call me to your computer so I can give you a grade for all your layers then save a flattened copy up to your wiki for me to see on your page. Make sure the image fits by adjusting document size as well as resolution. All this is due by Thursday November 8th