Light Painting Reading Assignments

This week we will be again experimenting with our cameras but this time we will paint with light. If you think about it, what we photograph when we take picture is light. Without light there would be nothing to photograph. What we will control this week the light that surrounds our object we photograph?
Using your camera, a tripod, different exposure settings and flashlight (or any light source) can you paint with light like the artists below?
Details below

Take a look at some of the amazing images of these light painting artists and then the video below the images. What will you create this week?

The size of the circle represents the size of the lens aperture – the larger the f-number, the smaller the aperture. Smaller number meas smaller depth of field but larger opening Check out this postexternal image Aperture-f-Number.png

The difference is clear – the image on the right hand side at ISO 3200 has a lot more noise in it, than the one on the left at ISO 200.Check out this article
external image ISO-200-and-ISO-3200.jpg


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Photography Assignment
Light painting
Period 1
Due February 3, 2017 11:59 PM
Mrs. Killmore
Students who accomplish the weekly assignment will be graded from 0 to 100 based on the steps below

What you will do

Take at least 30 new photos, they should be new photos taken while experimenting with light painting. Post all images on your Google account in the light painting folder that you will create this week
  • All images edited in Camera Raw or at least with the filter
  • Black and White or color
  • Saved as jpeg and named 1st initial last name and Lightpainting and numbers 1 - 30 Example (vkillmorelightpainting1)
.Create an folder called light painting in your Tully Google Drive.
Create a page on your home wiki called Light Painting . (with your initials in the name some where ex vkillmore Light Painting)
In the order below create the following links and add the following files
  1. Also create links at the very top of the page to the photo home page, assignments page, your pages link, and your reference image pages
  2. Make sure to create a link at the top of the page (before your photos but below your top links) to your Google site (Light Painting folder so I can grade your work.
  3. Add your synopsis of the article as well as the link below the google link just below your assignment links
  4. Then load your 5 best images to that Light Painting page
  5. Copy and Paste this rubric'
Select your best 5 images and put them on your wiki light painting page All Images need to be edited in Photoshop Camera Raw be prepared to show me the original if I ask for it.
Read one of the articles above and write a brief synopsis on your Light painting page with a link back to the article you chose

Create a reference wiki page and collect at least 10 images from the internet that show light painting . Make sure to cite where you got the page with either a link or the artists name

Complete assignment by February 3, 2017 11:59 PM

Total 100
Weekly Assignment This is your weekly critique page that will be graded for your participation grade. Worth 100 or 0 you must have at least one image in the weekly critique folder
Week 18
This week you will find a light painted image on the internet and explain how the image was shot
Week 19
This week you will submit one of your light painting images
Week 20
This week you will submit one of your light painting images