Photography Final Exam

Mrs Killmore


Your final exam is a 2 week assignment. You will be creating an add for a magazine layout. you are to spend the first week Photographing and the second week editing in Photoshop. In addition you will create a layout for your ad with copy in Microsoft publisher.

Week 1

This week you will develop/Find a product for sale and begin shooting your layout. You can use studio lighting a for this assignment. You may work in groups but you must use your own camera and not use any shots that others take. In addition the product you choose must be your own. We will look at samples of successful ads Monday. You will need to have your product in hand by Tuesday and begin photographing.

Week 2

Develop an ad campaign and integrate your image in to an ad using Microsft publisher. You must add copy(word) that support your postion.
Print the ad and dry mount it here are some tips



What to do


Create an album called Ad shoot at account with your initials in the name

Take at least 25 new photos Post all 25 on your Photobucket in the Ad shoot+ your initials.
Bring in your item to create your ad by Tuesday June 2, 2009
Find an ad on the Internet or in a magazine that you want to emulate show this to me by Friday June 5th
During the second week develop your layout and type face that support your ideas. Then print image on Photo Paper,
Dry mount and hand in By friday June 12th, 2009

Create a wiki Page called Ad shoot using your initials. Make sure it is linked from from your main wiki page.
Create a link on Ad shoot wiki page to the album page in Photo bucket called ad shoot.

Post the 5 best photos on your adshoot wiki page
  • May be black and white or Color
  • No larger than a 900k
  • Must have your first initial last name and ADS ex (vkillmoreADS1.jepg etc) and must be in jpg format
  • Must be in focus
  • Must be properly lit
  • you will need to add the light source and type to the captions box after you upload the image.

Complete Photography by Friday june 5th, 2009.
Complete final layout, printout, and dry mounting by Friday June 12th
Post your final in the wiki gallery we created last week.


Ad Samples

Student samples