Printing Guide lines

Samples of Successful Finals
  1. Some tips to help with printing
  • Printer Checklist
    To avoid errors, make sure you do each of these things before hitting that final Print button:
    • Soft-proof and tweak your saturation and contrast.
    • Pick your document size but don't re sample.
    • Sharpen at 25%.
    • Choose your Paper Type, Print Quality, and Paper Size.
    • Check ICM and turn color management off.
    • Change color handling to Photoshop Manages Colors.
    • Choose the printer profile to match your paper type and quality setting.
  • Taken from Popular photography website. Article by Debbie Grossman
  1. Be prepared to print when you are up you have 8 minutes to print and then you need to leave the computer for the next person.
  2. Make sure your image is stored on the HS art folder as after the first person logs in every one will stack there photos so there will be no logging in and out.
  3. Bring your own supplies. Images should be on glossy paper.
  4. If you have time please mount your work when it is finished as I will be creating a display with your work.
  5. To make sure everyone gets a shot at the printer by Friday. The schedule must be followed. You may switch with some one and you may come in anytime during school except 6th period. I am also here every day by 7:15 and usually here till 3:30 most days.
  6. Ad must be handed in this week on Friday.
  7. Printing Schedule for Week of January 22-25

    Printing Schedule for Week of January 22-25


7:59 - 8:09 A Biggar
8:10 - 8:20 R Spain
8:21 - 8:30 L Vormwald
8:30 - 8:39 S Henry

7:59 - 8:07 A Mariani
8:07 - 8:15 E Kirk
8:15 - 8:22 D Doody
8:22 - 8:29 M Nieciecki
8:29 - 8:39 R Kirk


7:59 - 8:07 E Sullivan

8:07 - 8:15 C Orlando

8:15 - 8:22 J Frey

8:22 - 8:29 C Barry

8:29 - 8:39 E Noonan

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What to do


Create an ad using your shots from last week. Include in your ad the following;
  • Text that relates to your ad and product.
  • If using more than one image integrate images to create a seamless ad
  • Choose the best lighting and image that show cases your product.
  • Images should be crystal clear and in focus unless that is a valid artistic reason for it to be out of focus
Work habits
  • Did you follow printing schedule and were you courteous with others in the classroom with your printer your time
  • Were you prepared with your supplies
  • Did you come in extra to make up for time missed or because you needed extra time to complete assignment
Finish a good quality print out of your ad by Friday January 25th, 2008.
Because this is the end of the semester there will be NO time extensions allowed
Complete Poll above and complete everything for this assignment (and any missing assignments) by Friday January 25th, 2008.
Because this is the end of the semester there will be NO time extensions allowed
Extra credit Mount your print out on a black mat board using dry mount press. If you get 100 for this assignment I will raise the grade of a prior assignment by 5 if it is completed properly.

100 +5