Final 09

You will have two choices for your final this year. Below are links to both.
Final Ad shoot
Final Letter project

Overall Rubric for either
work ethic you must work every day on this final
  • If you are sick you must make up the work on your own time
  • If you goof off in class your grade will not be as high as someone who works consistently
  • If you finish early and want to assist others or read photo books your grade will not be affected

  • Is your work turned in with all details in the project list complete and neatly done
  • Does your work reflect the best craftsmanship

  • Is your assignment handed in on time or a day early
  • If your assignment is handed in after 3:PM Friday June 12th you lose 10 point for every day late.
  • I will not accept your project after 3:PM Monday June 15th