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tips for taking cloud pictures
The best time to take pictures of clouds is when the sun is the brightest and the cloud movement is dynamic. While the sun is setting is another point in the day to get a good photograph. A sunset brings vibrant colors because the sky and the clouds take on hues of yellows, pinks, oranges, and blues. In some cases it's best to use a tripod. The tripod will keep the camera steady. Sometimes its best to use HDR to combine different exposures.

ISO Settings in Digital Photography
The article is based on a question that a subscriber asked the author. It explains what ISO is and how to use it. The article explains the questions to ask when choosing ISO. It shows examples of when to use certain ISO settings. Most photographers use the auto mode. Auto mode is when the camera chooses which quality of ISO to use. When there is plenty of light and the subject is moving, its best to use a low ISO setting.

Synopsis on the article 8 Quick Composition Tips.

The article is about tips to help improve images. The article explains the Rule of Thirds briefly. The article also explains eight composition tips. The tips include balance, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint, background, depth, framing, and get in tight. The article explains how to use these tips in a few sentences. The article makes it easy to find certain tips for a project like changing the viewpoint of the subject. To get a better angle while taking a picture it might help to get a eye level with the object or get higher than the object.