Shiny Things

Photographing shiny things presents all kinds of problems. We will be photographing still life settings this week. A Still life is a group of objects that come together to create a setting or vignette. Many times they are themes of artist paintings and can be very personal. Your assignment this week is to create a still life setting using shinny object to capture interesting reflections. I found it hard researching this assignment as most articles discussed eliminating reflections. That is not what we want we actually are interested in what the reflections look like and try to photograph them in an interesting way. Some examples below

What you will do


Bring in a shiny object to photograph
Create an album in your photo bucket account. Please name the album "still life" using your initials somewhere in the name
Take 20 pictures of at least one still life setting all images should be color, and upload them to your Photo bucket account still life album
Make a new wiki page from your home page called Assignment 11 (+initials), make sure the link is at the top of your home page.
  • On this page add a Photo bucket link to your still life album
  • Up load 2 of your best color and edited images on Assignment 11(+initials)
  • up load this week's rubric for grading
  • As well as to the your pages link and the Tully Photography Home page**
Images you create this week are for art students to make colored pencil still life drawings. So keep that in mind while you are working on the still life setups. Student with the most selected still life will get bonus points added to this weeks assignment.
Complete assignment by Friday January 28th at 11:59 PM


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