Good morning! first and foremost I want to congratulate all of you! Your hard work paid off and all seniors were able to upload their images! The images are all great! In the next step we will prepare the images for the Pen and Palette

So what are you to do? Well here you go it won't be to hard.
The next phase is to:
  1. Create a folder with you name on it
  2. Inside that folder will be two more folders that you create, one called Black and White ( also with your name) and one named color (again embed your name).
  3. Inside the color folder should be all the documents you created last week So it sould be a simple copy and paste for most of you.
  4. The second folder named Black and white sould be Copies of the colored images changed as described below and then saved to the black and white folder
  • Convert all images to tiff (file save as)
  • Images should be Color corrected using the channels adjustment layer technique we have used in the past
  • Files should be 300 resolution
  • File size no larger than 10 meg
  • Smallest dimension 5 inches as long as the file size does not exceed 10 meg
  • All files should be named according to last weeks instructions (last nane. first initial, medium, name of piece)
  • Don't forget to add your personal images to the folders so we can consider them for the Pen and Palette
Scholastic images

Image Requirements

Digital Image Requirements
• JPG file
• Print dimensions must be 5" x 7" or larger.
• Image resolution must be 300 dpi.
• Students can scan photography at 100%.
• For 3-D works, include up to four images. Please include a ruler or another object for reference to indicate scale in at least one if the images.
• For Comic Art, include up to eight images.
• Videos are uploaded online according to category descriptions

Have a great two days I am at scholastic judging and I will be in and out the next two days If you have questions you can email me at
Mrs K