Assignment Nine

Two Part Assignment

  1. Create a calendar and print it
  2. Dry mount a quality image and prepare it for competition


Tutorial on using Microsoft calendar Wizard
How to create your own calendar in Publisher
  1. You will make a calendar using Microsoft word/Publisher and your 12 best Photographs.
  2. Start by selecting your Photos.
    You will need 12 good images for this assignment.
    Make sure that the images work well together and think about the image and the month.
  3. Using Microsoft Publisher Open up the calendar wizard and follow directions for a vertical page with a Picture.
  4. Insert images
  5. Print - Test print first on computer paper, then print on good quality card stock.
  6. Hand in by December 22 (If you want to use calendar as a gift please hand in by December 20th)

Print for Competition

You will also be printing an image on photo paper and dry mounting it
  1. Start by selecting an image for printing.
  2. Print image on good quality photo paper.
  3. Dry mount on either black or white board
  4. Fill out forms on the Scholastics website
  5. Make sure your parents sign them
  6. Attach to back of mounted photo
  7. Hand in by December 22

What you need to do
Complete all the steps in the calendar assignment above
Complete all the steps in the print for competition assignment