Printing and get to know a photographer

This week we will be printing your Photographs using an Epson Printer because the process is long you will also do research on a photographer to learn about his or her style and contributions to photography.

Please finish this by Friday October 15th at 11:59 PM

Artistic Photographers

How to Print
We have finally arrived at printing. Printing your pictures is wonderful but expensive.
You will choose an image to print, save it to the HS art PHoto10 Folder.
You will prepare the image and a test strip
You will create 2 print outs and hand both in

What you will do
Choose an image and prepare the image to print
  • Crop
  • Set exposure
  • Adjust file size
  • Save to HS art printing folder
  • Name Photo with your full name
  • take a # from Mrs k for que at the printer
Use printer to test the exposure for 3 different settings for your one image print , and then hand in along with test strip sheet below by Wednesday October 13. You need to
keep documentationof what you did so you can reconstruct the outcome on the final print. (this will be demonstrated in class). Use this formexternal image msword.png teststrip.doc
Please read this article while you are waiting for your turn.
To see printing process read below
Decide best value and do this to the entire image and place finished copy in HS art printer folder
Please name with your full name plus finished
Print and hand in by Friday October 15th Grading will be based on how well you followed directions and the quality of the image.
  • Does the image have a variety of Values
  • Does the image have some true blacks and whites
  • Have you printed at the proper resolution and size
During the week while you are waiting your turn Please write a 3 paragraph essay on a historical photographer from this page Please check with me for your selection before starting. Please cover the folowing things in your essay and pot them to the assignment page for this week.
  • Artist name, dates they were alive.
  • Historical contribution to Photography/ what type of work they created.
  • What you like and dislike about the photographers work
  • Select an image from their work for the assignment page as well

Steps To print with the 2200 Epson printer
  1. Start by saving your document to the HS art folder -> Photo 10 ->folder with your name
  2. Click Print under the file menu make sure Epson 2200 is selected
  3. In the color handling section (mid right hand side)
    • Make sure Photoshop manages color
    • Choose working gray dot gain 20%for black and white, and RGB1998 for Color Images
  4. Check to see fit of image on paper. If the image is smaller than the paper leave it alone if the image is larger scale image by percent.
  5. Hit print and hit print again and go to prefernces at the top of the window
  6. Click Best photo at the top of the page if a message pops up ignore it and continue choosing Paper Type in the box to the left midway down the window
  7. Select glossy paper under type (if that is the type you are working with)
  8. Go to advanced setting ignore the message because you are an experienced user.
  9. Click continue
  10. Select black ink only if you are printing a black and white image
  11. De select High speed and edge smoothing
  12. Click OK and then hit OK again and printing will begin please let the next person stack behind you as printing this way takes a long time

Please finish this by Friday October 15th at 11:59 PM

If you are finished early please read these articles.