Printing again!
Pick your top 5 images and print 3
This week we will be looking at all your images and trying to teak the best you will be printing and dry mounting a minimum of 3 prints.

Copy of dry mounting instructions

Dry Mounting an image
1. Turn dry mount press on to 275
2. Begin by printing the image on a 8x10 sheet of glossy Photo paper
3. Turn on tacking gun
4. Take a sheet of dry mount paper line it up on the back to make sure it covers the image on all sides
5. Lightly tack dry mount tissue to image
6. Trim your image using rotary cutter in the main art room use guide to get perfect cuts and crisp lines.
7. Make sure to pick up and throw away all your scraps.
8. Using a ruler measure your image
9. Select aboard that will allow for at least a 1 ½ inch border all the way around your image
10. Align your image using guides I have precut out
11. Carefully tack image to the board (be careful not to lift your image to much as it will create a misalignment)
12. Place you image face up between a sheet of newsprint and carefully lay in dry mount press close lid and count 30 seconds
13. Lift lid and remove you are finished!



What to do


Meet with me to show me all your current shots in Photobucket in all your albums

Select the top 3 images Create test strips for the images be sure to record out put. Then using information you gathered, create a finished print of your 3 top images. Dry mount them

Create wiki page called Top Five with your initials somewhere in the name. At the top of your home wikipage create a link to your new Top Five page. Please add rubric from this page.

Complete assignment by Tuesday November 24th by 3:00 PM