This week we will learn how to print our photos to paper.
Before you can use the Photo printer you will need by Wednesday a printed version of your best photo from the 4700 printer from the photo lab.
Picture must include:
· Taken from an original shot
· Converted to gray scale
· 8" X10" document size

  • Printed on regular paper by wednesday, May 14th
You will not be allowed to print on the photo printer unless this is completed by Wednesday at the end of class

Photo one assignment 12
1. Purchase and bring in glossy ink jet paper. We have an Epson printer but any kind will do if you purchase from me it is .25 a sheet

2. Looking at your print out from wednesday the 14th, determine what you need to do to, keeping in mind that the printer you used prints much darker than the Epson does

3. Create a test strip of at least 4 sections of the photo playing with different levels of brightness and contrast. Make sure to keep one strip as is and with the other 3 you need to keep documentation of what you did so you can reconstruct the outcome on the final print. ( this will be demonstrated in class). Due Monday the 19th 2008.

4. Print final draft, hand in by Wednesday May 21

5. You may use the rest of the week to work on any photos you would like
  • Re sized to less than 8X10
  • Be black and White
  • Shoot at least 20 New shots
  • Image overall size should be meg

6. Please post them to an album you create called "my choice" in photo bucket

7. Don’t forget to create a wiki page with your initials and the words my choice (ex vkmychoice)

8. Include on that page the 3 photos from your album called my choice and a link at the top for you photo bucket page.

Please remember that I can as well as anyone can access your pages. Please do not put anything inappropriate or anything you would not want your grandmother of or a board member to see. Your pages are public.

Strip one
Strip two
Strip three
Strip four