Journalism/This is a Story Photo Essay
This is a 30-photograph assignment. It will take the rest of this week and all of next week to complete. Take 30 or more pictures that tell a story / as well as document Halloween for the seniors/ document a school related activity. The photos can include an event or typical things that happen in day or your point of view. The photos together should tell a story. The story should be in pictures instead of words. Perhaps it is a photo of a person watching TV and a bicycle and your best friend...perhaps it is a special hobby and someone close to you...perhaps it is the forest or a special place. These pictures must be morally and legally able to be displayed. Look for the special things that make you special and uniquely YOU.
As usual you will need to create good composition, good exposure, think about the backgrounds and the story content of each photo. Upload images to an album in photo bucket called photo essay, and create a page called Photo essay with your initials at the beginning


Tyler Niday photography
The preacher
The speakers corner
A wedding set



What to do


Create an album called Photo essay at account with your initials in the name ex vk photo essay

Take at least 30 new photos Take 30 or more pictures that tell a story as well as pictures from the Halloween event this Friday. All 30 pictures need to be uploaded on your Photo bucket account in the Photo essay album. all images should be edited they may be black or white as well as color

Create wiki page called photoessay with your initials. At the top of your home wikipage create a link to your new photo essay page. Please add rubric from this page.

Post 2 series of at least 5 photos (for each series) that best illustrate a story on your photoessay wiki page at
· Must be
edited, cropped
· No larger than a 900k
· Must have your first initial last name and PE ex (vkillmorepe1.jpg etc) and must be in jpg format


Complete assignment by Sunday November 8th by 11:59 PM