Golden Hour/ Magic Hour

This week we are going to focus on lighting. As lighting is the basis for all photography. Without light you could not have a photograph. How you capture light affects how your photograph comes out. Remember you are creating visual poetry with your work proper lighting conveys a feeling.

This week's assignment is to take a photograph at the "magic hour".
Magic Hour
The first period is the half hour before the sun rises above the horizon in the morning and a half hour after it rises.

The second period is the half hour before the sun sinks below the horizon in the late afternoon and a half hour after it sets.

During these periods, the light that is generally produced is a beautiful light that is a favorite of landscape and nature photographers. In fact it is widley know that photographic editors at National Geographic and other photographic publications will not even look at your work unless it is taken during these two magic hours.

So I thought I would give you a heads up and you can start this weekend. Rise and Shine!!
Articles to read
**The Golden Hour**
Importance of shadows
**The Golden Hour**
Art Wolf photography
Art Wolf Photos

Assignment Rubric


What to do


Review the tutorials on the The golden hour

Create an album called The golden hour at your account
In addtion
create a wiki page called Golden Hour with your intials in the name ex VKGolden Hour

Take at least 20 new photos that you have applied the rules of the golden hour and have been edited and processed in Photoshop
(taken an half hour before or after sunrise or before or after sunset)
Make sure the following have been done at the very miniumum
  • crop/frame
  • make sure image is upright
  • adjust in exposure
  • resize according to instructions below

Post all 20 on your Photobucket account in the The golden hour album. These are Not sunset and sunrise photos they are of objects and nature photographed during the golden hour time period outside.

Create a link on your Personal wiki page to the album page called the golden hour at the Top of the page and in side the golden hour page make sure you have alink to your photobucket page.

Post 5 best photos on your wiki golden hour web page at
  • May be in Color
  • In focus
  • No larger than a 900k
  • Must have your first initial last name and gh ex (vkillmoregh1.jpg etc) and must be in jpg format

Complete assignment by Friday February 27th 11:59 PM Period.