leaves.jpgNegative Space

This week you will be looking to take images that show case negative space.
IIf you need a little help understanding the concept, make sure you check out these sites:

Wikipedia definition
Negative Spaces & Positive Spaces in Digital Photography
Negative Space
Flickr (try checking out these images and see if you can tell which ones show the concept of negative space)
Negative Space
Negative space
Negative space

I'm interested to see what everyone comes up with!

1. Your image you submit should be taken between the February 2-6th.
2. Name your assignment Negative Space and add your first intial and last name.
3. Remember the image size needs to be less than 1 meg
4. Posted to your photobucket site by Friday at 11:59 PM
5. 10 Quality images showcasing Negative space, best one posted to your assignment 15 page
6. All images need to be processed in Photoshop.