This week you are in charge of photographing senior portfolios and student work that will be going to the scholastics are show this friday. it is very important that you complete your photgraphy by Friday at 3:00 PM
You will need to have your images taken with the following requirements
  1. High resoulution 300 +
  2. Natural light /No flash
  3. Using a tripod
  4. Correct angle to minimize distortion
This weeks assignment will break down into two parts
  1. photography
  2. Development(what you do with the images after you take the photos).
Instructions for developing image

  1. Crop image so you see no black from mat.
  2. Adjust exposure
  3. Document largest length to 10 Inches Change image size if resolution is 72 change to 300
  4. Do not lower the resoulution and then resize
  5. Make any other adjustments to images you think need to be done but if you are not sure check with me
Make sure image is up right
colors are consistant

6. Re name you document as follows student name(person whose work you photographed ) and your last name example Mallory Brunet Killmore
7. Add the number 1-7 if you photographed someone’s portfolio

8. If you have Erich's pictures please put them where he can get at them

Katelyn B
Mark Briggs
Kathryn C
8 student peices
capri,samc, jasmine ,erinv,emily nichols, brielle longo, shannond, carly f,
Nazereth, Josh z Katlin mul
Jesus C.
Snyder, M
Pauline D
Berberian, R
Zoe D
8 student peices
Erich G
Mulvihill, K
Carly H
Bloom, B
Harley K
8 student peices
katlinl, bobby, megans, paige l, allyssa N, erica c, dominique B, deb Nob,
danielle z
eric stifle
Shawna M
8 student peices
Kayly S Ryan C, Taylor D,Ian B, Kelesy G, Kathie K,Tyler R, Gabbrielle c
omat O, Danielle Z,
Tom P
Mallory B
Tonya S
8 student peices
Emily S
Ward, L
Courtney S
Tyler knapp
Doreen S
Whitfield, J
Audrey T
Ian Chave