This next two weeks you will Photograph images for and prepare a calendar. This project will be printed next week on card stock and then will be bound and turned in Friday the 19th.
You may choose to use Microsoft Publisher or office .

Tutorial on using Microsoft Publisher
Tutorial on using Microsoft Calendar Wizard
How to create your own calendar
  1. You will make a calendar using Microsoft word/ Publisher and your 12 best Photographs that show a unified theme.
  2. Start by selecting your Photos that evoke an understood theme ( that means I would know not just you)
    You will need 12 good images for this assignment.
    Make sure that the images work well together and think about the image and the month. If you are using B&w stay with that same goes for color
  3. Using Microsoft Word Open up the calendar wizard and follow directions for a vertical page with a Picture.
  4. Or if using Publisher follow directions for a full page calendar.
  5. Insert images resize if necessary
  6. Print
  7. If you finish early or cannot work on a computer please read some of the Photo books I have over in the Book shelf
Work every day on assignment or an actively helping someone or reading Photo books 50
Finished Calender that includes the following; 50
  • Bound and on card stock
  • Images have a definite theme that is communicated to the viewer
  • Images are artistic and not a snapshot.
  • Hand assignment in by December 19th 3:PM