Assignment 11 printing
We we have finally arrived at printing printing your pictures is wonderful but expensive.
You will choose an image to print
You will prepare the image
You will create aprint out and hand that in

What you will do
Choose your Black and white image and prepare the image to print
  • Crop
  • Set Curves Read
  • Adjust file size
  • Save to HS art printing folder
  • Name Photo with your full name
  • take a # from Mrs k for que at the printer
Use printer to create a test strip and set the curves for 3 of the four images hand in by wednesday December 3 instructions
You need to keep documentation of what you did so you can reconstruct the outcome on the final print. (this will be demonstrated in class). Use this form
Please read this article while you are waiting for your turn.
To see printing process read below
Decide best value and place finished copy in HS art printer folder
Please name with your full name plus finished
Print and hand in by Friday December 5th Grading will be based on how well you followed diredtions and the quality of the image. Does the image have a variety of grays as well as true blacks and whites.
external image insert_table.gif25
When finished begin selecting or taking pictures for your calendar project

To print with the 2200 Epson printer

  1. Start by saving your document to the HS art folder -> Photo 08 ->Aprinter folder
  2. Click Print preview under the file menu make sure Epson 2200 is selected
  3. Check to see fit of image on paper. Adjust till you have the best fit for your image and you waste the least amount of paper.
  4. Hit print and go to go to properties at the bottom of the window
  5. Click Best photo at the top of the page if a message pops up ignore it and continue choosing Paper Type in the box to the left midway down the window
  6. Select glossy paper under type
  7. Go to advanced setting ignore the message because you are an experienced user.
  8. Click continue
  9. Select black ink only
  10. Deselect High speed and edge smoothing
  11. Click ok and then hit ok again and printing will begin please let the next person stack behind you as printing this way takes a long time
If you are finished early please read these articles.