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In photography, there are many ways to create different effects in taking pictures. Although the beginner may not realize it, your camera can create many visually amazing effects without even using any filters! One such effect is the photographic pan. This effect is used for objects that are in motion and moving in a straight line. The result of a photo that uses the pan technique is a subject that is in focus and visible while the background is blurred and has streaks of blurriness showing motion.
Pan photos are created by panning the camera! Simple right? Yes! But it's not that simple. To become really good at pan photos you must practice it thoroughly and get used to it. Your first pan photographs may not look the way you image them to look. However, after practicing for some time, your pan photos will look much better.
To create a pan photo you must move the camera along the same path that the object that is moving is going on. You must have a moving object. The object could be walking very slow or be traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. Simply follow the object in a "pan" camera movement.
A camera pan is simply moving the camera from left to right or right to left. If you have a tripod it is simply rotating the camera left or right.
The next important thing you must do for a pan is set the shutter speed. What makes the subject in focus and the object out of focus is the extremely slow shutter speed time that will be used. A good shutter speed for running or fast walking would be 1/30 seconds. If you're shooting objects moving much faster or much slower you will need to adjust the shutter speed. Experiment and find out what works the best. A slower shutter speed will make the background much more out of focus and will need to be more precisely executed.
Using a tripod when you are performing a photographic pan will ensure that the camera stays leveled vertically. Having the camera move horizontally is what makes the pan work. Having the camera move vertically will create blur vertically and will make the picture not work. Unless you have a very leveled hand then use a tripod!
The best setting to use when taking a pan photo is shutter priority. That will let you set the shutter speed you want to use. You don't have to worry about setting the aperture as it will be automatic for you.
The reason that pan photographs are made is very interesting. The camera follows the object in motion at the same speed. This makes the camera see an object and the object seems not to be moving. The background, however, is moving, and that is what gets blurred. Following the subject perfectly will make the camera think that it is not moving and the subject is not moving but the background is moving. It's like the way the earth works. We don't think that we're moving but we think that the sun is moving because it's in one spot during the day and a different spot at night. It's all perception.

Take 25 images may be B+W or Color that showcase Panning as described above. (At least 3 images must show movement around a figure with clear focus on object being Panned.
All Images must have the following done to them
  • Cropped
  • Resized to less than 1meg
  • Exposure setting corrected
  • If back and white Color Mode to grayscale
Make a new wiki page from your home page called Assignment 10 (+initials), make sure the link is at the top of your home page.
  • On this page add a Photo bucket link you create below
  • Up load 3 of your best images on Assignment 10(+initials) page
  • up load this week's rubric for grading
Make an album in photo bucket Called Panning Upload 25 edited Photos taken this week.
Read articles above this week
Assignment is due Tuesday November 25th at 11:59 PM


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