Calendar Project
Sorry Guys Mrs k is really sick just want to get you started you have till next Wednesday to finish this assignment. This week you will use publisher to create a calendar as a gift for someone you will be adding to the calendar your top 12 images you may take new images if you want. It would be great if you have a theme or your images relate in some way to the month.

You can use Microsoft publisher to create your calendar
Tutorial on using Microsft calendar Wizard
How to create your own calendar
  1. You will make a calendar using Microsoft Publisher and your 12 best Photographs.
  2. Start by selecting your Photos.
    You will need 12 good images for this assignment.
    Make sure that the images work well together and think about the image and the month.
  3. Using Microsoft publisher Open up the calendar wizard and follow directions for a vertical page with a Picture.
  4. Insert images
  5. Print

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