Shutter speed

Fast shutter speed

Morgue File aperture and shutter speed

Children – 1/250 – 1/1000 seconds
Amusement park rides: +/- one second
Moving water/waterfalls: 1/1000 seconds or more
Moving water/waterfalls: 4 or more seconds
Sporting event: 1/500 – 1/2000 seconds
Fireworks: 1/2 – 4 seconds
Birds in flight: 1/1000th a second and above
Moving cars at night: 8-10 seconds

Night photography – one or more seconds
  • The closer action is to your digital camera, the faster the shutter speed is needed.
To help prevent images from becoming blurred, set the shutter speed faster than the focal length. For example, a zoom lens set at 200mm (35mm equivalent) requires a shutter speed of at least 1/200 second to avoid a blurred image. Adjust shutter speeds even faster for DSLRs with a focal length multiplier .
    • Tripod or other camera support is recommended whenever using slow shutter speeds. Also use the self-timer or remote to trigger the shutter to prevent camera movement.
If your camera has Image Stabilization, some manufacturers recommend shutting it off when using a digital camera on a tripod. Check your camera manual.

Some reading this week
Please review Powerpoint presentation on the HS art Folder/ Photo 10/p1-8.shutterspeed-aperture_ppt during class time in class time
Then check out these sites for more info
Yet another article that combines both shutter speed with aperture

What is M on the mode dial?
This means that the camera is fully manual and you can set any combination of aperture and shutter speed.
What is Av or A on the mode dial?
This is short for Aperture Priority (Aperture value). This means you can set the aperture number and the camera will automatically determine the shutter speed.

We will explore this more next week.


Take 6 images may be B+W or Color
All Images must have the following done to them
  • Cropped
  • Re-sized to less than 1meg
  • Exposure setting corrected
  • If back and white color corrected according to tutorial you learned 2 weeks ago
Make a new wiki page from your home page called Assignment7 (+initials), make sure the link is at the top of your home page.

  • On this page add a Photo bucket link you create below
  • Up load 2 of your images on Assignment 7(+initials)** page 1 showing slow shutter speed and another showing fast shutter speed
  • up load this week's rubric for grading
Make an album in photo bucket Called Shutter speed Upload 6 Photos taken this week.
Read articles above this week
Assignment is due Friday November 12th at 11:59 PM


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