Your assignment this week is to photograph Birds eye view and photograph from an ants eye view
Brainstorm session ideas from class on Tuesday;
Birds eye view Looking at an object from above or at an angle or perspective from above
Ants eye view Looking at an object from below or at an angle or perspective from below
Rubric is below
Remember these are the minimums if you want a higher grade you need go above the minimum.
Extra Credit!
enter contest at link above

Take at least 30 new Pictures. All pictures must use at least one of the elements from the lessons we have worked on in the past (Golden Hour, Rule of thirds,Tutorials etc)

Work toward an emotional quality in your photos. Remember your picture tells a story; even the areas (negative space) you don’t think are important convey a message and a feeling. If you don’t care about what you are doing, it may be the message you convey!

Create a sub album in Photo Bucket called Bird or Ant Eye View and then upload 30 (15 and 15) images you photographed and edited per instructions below

Create a page on your wiki called Bird or Ant Eye View . (with your initials in the name some where)
  • Then load your 6 best images on that page. 3 of each
  • Make sure to create a link at the top of the page (before your photos) to your Photobucket site so I can grade your work.

All Images need to be edited in Photoshop be prepared to show me the original if I ask for it
Black and White and or 5 color ones are allowed this week.
Color adjustment and Brightness and contrast
Image size less than 1 Meg
Cropped Document size Less than 10 inches but larger than 8
Resolution 72
Saved as jpeg and named 1st initial last name and BAV and numbers 1 -15 Example (vkillmoreBAV1)

Project due by 12:am Monday May 12, 2008