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Assignments Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Camera Manual
ADaddona Reference

ADaddona World View Google Drive
ADad (17).JPGADad (16).JPGADad (15).JPGADad (14).JPGADad (13).JPGADad (12).JPGADad (11).JPGADad (10).JPGADad (9).JPGADad (8).JPGADad (7).JPGADad (6).JPGADad (5).JPGADad (4).JPGADad (3).JPGADad (2).JPGADad (1).JPG
ADaddona Panorama.jpg

What you will do
Start by taking 12 to 15 images that you will stitch together the directions are pretty simple.
  • Images should be same size when you are done editing them (keep file size small under 5 mg each)
  • when shooting images should overlap 30% to get good mapping for the stitching process.
  • Images taken during class time will not receive the same weight as a a student that takes images outside of class time. EX.50 will be the highest grade given for this section of the assignment vs a 60 if you only use images taken during class time
Process for stitching
  1. Start by clicking file -> automate -> photo merge
  2. Choose spherical
  3. Browse and select images
  4. Click OK wait for image to process
  5. Clean up image by cropping and clean up missing parts using rubber stamp tool(alt Click)
Process For creating world view
  1. Invert image by clicking Image -> image rotation flip 180
  2. Re size image so the both sides of the image are the smallest length (make sure to un click constrain proportions)
  3. Go to filter-> distort->Polar coordinates -> select square to polar
Create a wiki page called 360 photo (with your initials in the name some where ex vkillmore Photo Painting )
  • Upload all images used for assignment.
  • Also Up load your finished image to the page below rubric please put your name last name so I can identify your work.
  • Upload your world view to this page World view
Complete by Friday, Friday January 31 2014 11:59 pm